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Five Ways to Improve ROI Using Marketing Automation

Dec 2

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12/2/2011 1:10 PM  RssIcon

Here's an article which I don't really like personally. However, it is an interesting read. Basically is it an article about how to increase your ROI by validating some of your marketing automation processes. It is not that automating marketing processes and get ROI doesn't work (it does), but it is usually  not as easy as it looks on paper.

The original article can be seen here:

Regardless, here is a summary of the 5 things to look out for to evaluate the effectiveness of  your marketing automation. Most of which is quite obvious:

1. Target high-value, high potential leads.

The strategy here is to identify which of your leads would be high potential, and put your efforts into converting them efficiently.

2. Improve conversion late in the funnel.

As in all sales processes, you have invested a lot of time and effort getting the potential client through the process and therefore, the potential client that is still with you at the late stage has value invested. The strategy is to bring that investment to closure as soon as possible.

3. Reduce leakage with better integration.

This is actually a major problem for most companies. Many of our clients expressed this in different ways, but typically  when a lead comes in, it doesn't get channeled appropriately to the right people, and followed up aggressively to the conclusion. As a result, the lead becomes lost. The strategy is to create process to channel all potential leads.

4. Accelerate leakage of low-potential prospects

In other words, if the lead is poor, qualify it as soon as possible and remove it from the list. Otherwise more energy would be spent on unnecessary follow-ups.

5. Gain efficiency and eliminate low-impact media

Of course, the decision to make where you place your limited resources need to be evaluated. Is your trade show efforts more effective than your search marketing campaigns? How much resources are you putting into your sales communications? Marketing dollars are a zero-sum game. The most ineffective needs to be eliminated.